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Disaster struck this morning as my girlfriend and I woke up and realized we have used the last beans the night before. Fortunately we were able to leave early enough to stop by Inversion for a morning cup. On my way home from work I stopped by Boomtown Coffee in the Heights to pick up some new ones. They had a few freshly roasted origins to choose from but I had to go with the Chiapas Onix because I love Mexican Origin coffees.

The Chiapas Onix is from the Soconusco area in the southwestern part of Chiapas near the Mexican/Guatemalan border. I did a little research and discovered that the Soconusco area was the first region in Chiapas to produce coffee and is also the best suited for coffee growth. chiapasmap The rich soil was desposited there by sediments flowing from the nearby Sierra de Madre Chiapas mountain range.

The beans were I believed roasted today as a medium roast (city/full-city) and as soon as I opened the bag the smell immediately had me intoxicated.  It’s a rich chocolate-y smell and of course becomes more pronounced once I grounded it for my V60 pour over dripper. However, once I finished and had it in my mouth the taste was full on nutty. It was like having a hand full of freshly roasted warm earthy peanuts in your mouth. The acidity is very soft and leaves no after taste. It was a very pleasant experience. The Chiapas Onix was one of those cups that you never want to end and I was tempted to make another one right away. However, since I only picked up half a pound to try I will save some for tomorrow. I can’t wait!


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