Coffee Evangelist

994026_10151892321449036_983359957_nEnthusiast, lover, junkie….call me what you will but please do not call me a coffee snob. When I hear that phrase I always cringe as if someone had run their fingernails down a chalk board. The stereotype of a stuck up, too good for anything that hasn’t been pooped out of a civet just doesn’t apply to me or many other coffee lovers. I do love coffee, passionately. I do drink special (not Folgers or McDonalds) coffee from places lots of people have never heard of. I do eagerly talk about my love for coffee to others and encourage them to try it as well. So, if you want to compare me to someone then make it the cosplayers who spend hours making costumes, or the Trekkors who learn how to speak a language from a fictional universe. The extent of my passion is no different from theirs. Continue reading

Paper Co. Coffee


Coffee shops have long been favorite meeting places for everyone from revolutionaries,  and politicians, to friends and family. In recent years, with the addition of free wi-fi, coffee shops have become a place to be secluded with your device. Paper Co. Coffee is  one shop that is trying to change that by encouraging their customers to share their stories. “Everybody has a story. We want everybody to hang out and talk and share their story about their lives,” Dave Foong Paper Co.’s coffee shop manager tells me. After sitting down with Dave and their coffee supplier Josely, head roaster for Mueva Coffee, I discovered that there are indeed many stories to tell here. Continue reading

PBS News Hour – Houston Coffee

PBS NewsHour recently broadcasted this piece about Houston importing more beans than any other location outside of New York and what that means for local coffee roasters and boutiques.  It’s a great little piece that just touches the tip of the ice berg of what’s going on in Houston.


Fort Bend Coffee Roasters


Sometimes you discover new things without even looking for them and that is exactly how I came across Fort Bend Coffee Roasters. A chance stop by the Farmer’s Market at Imperial in Stafford lead me to a pour-over station and bags of freshly roasted coffee. The man crafting each cup of coffee for his customers as well as the head roaster is Bryan Hibbard. Though he and his wife recently had a new baby, Bryan was able to escape for bit to sit down with me over a cup of coffee to chat about his coffee beans.  Continue reading

“Hipsters Love Coffee”

Comedy sketch group Nacho Punch has produced a video poking fun at “Hipsters” and their stereotypical complicated coffee order. It’s definitely hilarious, and it isn’t far from the truth of what people outside of the coffee world think about coffee house patrons. Everyone that knows me have similar things to say about my “frou frou” coffee drinking habits but with me and many others the stereotypical is far from being true.

My love for coffee isn’t based on the milk based espresso drinks but actual “black” single-origin coffees. I enjoy the unique tastes that the different coffee regions and farms produce. It’s not snobbery but discovery that best describes my coffee habits. And yes I would buy a coffee if I thought it would help people less fortunate than me, and that’s exactly what I hope happens with each cup I buy. I believe that by drinking coffee that come from micro-lots and small farms I do help the farmers and communities that are supported by them. It doesn’t have to be a particular brand that will supply water for each pound but each farm we support that helps.

There is absolutely have no problem with the cartoons and videos that poke fun at the coffee world. I laugh just as much as everyone else does at them because I worked at Starbucks for a short time and have seen my fair share of over the top requests. I just hope that people realize that there are a lot of us “hipsters” or “snobs” who are really just people who have passion for what we love and the people that produce it.