Review: Fusion Beans – Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

DSC_1280_SnapseedOne of the best coffees that I have come across this past month is Fusion Bean’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from the Idido Misty Valley. Of course Ethiopian beans are from the birthplace of coffee and considered to be some of the best in the world, but this particular lot is my favorite. I have had it before at Southside Espresso as a shot and loved the strong taste of fresh blueberries cut with lemon zest and a clean aftertaste. The last time that I was there, though, I asked them to make it for me as a pour over. After tasting it, I immediately bought a bag for home.


At home I’ve made it as a v60, French press, and Japanese Iced pour-over. My favorite of the three is the v60, but it is still very good produced by the other two methods. The iced pour over was very light, refreshing and fruity. The v60 brought out the blueberries, though, not as prominent as in the espresso, and added a hint of warm fluffy pancakes. As the cup cools semi-sweet chocolate sneaks in too with a very relaxing aftertaste. I have enjoyed it immensely and it only took me a few days to finish off the bag. I will be heading back by Southside very soon to get another bag!


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