Cadillac Coffee: No gimmick, just good coffee

image (2)I am willing to bet that at least every other day a new food truck appears on the scene in Houston. Add that to the army of existing trucks and it can be hard to stand out among the rest. So, when a new truck opens up that happens to be a ‘57 Cadillac pulling a ‘62 Shasta camper and serves espresso drinks it has no problem making headlines. The real news, I discovered after chatting with Cadillac Coffee owners Meghan Ackerman and Austin Lane, is that the retro theme is no gimmick and not their focus either. Quality, hand-crafted coffee drinks are what they want to give their customers and not just a show. Continue reading

Maturing Houston’s Coffee Scene

There is a really good article in the New York Times on-line edition that discusses the growth of New York’s coffee scene. It has gone from a few “hard core coffee shops, the ones that felt like underground clubs” to, in the past year, one coffee shop opening almost every three days. The article goes on to say that the scene is not only expanding but it is maturing as well. More New Yorkers know about and are looking for good coffee: e.g. freshly roasted, single origin, and individually crafted drinks. Could this ever happen in Houston? Yes it will, and I can not wait to see it! Continue reading

Coffee Evangelist

994026_10151892321449036_983359957_nEnthusiast, lover, junkie….call me what you will but please do not call me a coffee snob. When I hear that phrase I always cringe as if someone had run their fingernails down a chalk board. The stereotype of a stuck up, too good for anything that hasn’t been pooped out of a civet just doesn’t apply to me or many other coffee lovers. I do love coffee, passionately. I do drink special (not Folgers or McDonalds) coffee from places lots of people have never heard of. I do eagerly talk about my love for coffee to others and encourage them to try it as well. So, if you want to compare me to someone then make it the cosplayers who spend hours making costumes, or the Trekkors who learn how to speak a language from a fictional universe. The extent of my passion is no different from theirs. Continue reading