A trip to Milk Origin – Mill King Market and Creamery Pt. 2

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Small herd, stress free environment, and chemical free are all variables that affect the quality of the milk that goes into our favorite espresso drink. While it sounds like the cows at Craig Miller’s Mill King dairy farm have it easy Craig himself does not. “Me and my mom each put in around 100 hours a week,” he explains as he points out his mom taking a break outside one of the barns. They have a handful of employees and Craig, up to recently, has been doing the selling, marketing, and delivery as well as run the farm and work alongside his employees. “It’s getting better though, because I can get 8 hours a sleep now. Just not in a row,” he adds. “My day starts at 2 in the morning when we load trucks, and then I take a nap, then get back up for the morning meeting with the process crew, then I’ll work with them for a while, and then go take another nap. Then get up and do office work and go take another nap.  It hasn’t been a walk in the park but going into it we knew it would be hard work. But we are workaholics anyway.” Continue reading

A trip to Milk Origin – Mill King Market and Creamery Pt. 1


Take a look inside any Houston coffee shop or café and you will find customers chatting over cups of coffee or espresso drinks. Some may be black or small shots of espresso but most are bigger cups with crafted rosetta or heart shapes decorating the surface of the drink. Depending on what you order you may receive a creamy warmth or a caramelized textured experience as you savor your drink. The two main ingredients that create these sweet and satisfying drinks are obvious: espresso and milk. Most of us know that the espresso comes from carefully sourced coffee beans. Importers, roasters, and sometimes shop owners carefully check the quality of the bean at it’s source, as well as the process used to harvest them.  If such care is taken with the espresso, then why not the same with the milk? Why not go to milk origin and discover the quality and process of harvesting coffee’s important companion.

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