Around Houston, Around the World: Cà phê sua dá

IMG_0794It isn’t hard to argue that Vietnamese Iced Coffee has become one of Houston’s favorite ways to cool off during the summer. This sweet rich coffee drink can be found at dozens of Vietnamese restaurants and cafes, as well as coffee shops like Blacksmith and Paper Co. Within the past year bottled versions, like local Caphin, have appeared on the scene too and quickly grown in popularity. Recently Caphin debuted in Central Market and sold out within a day. Continue reading

Best Iced Coffee In Houston?


Spring-time weather has arrived in Houston! Well, at least for a couple of days anyway and that means it’s time to start thinking about how to cool off during the coming summer. For coffee drinkers that means switching to a cold version of our favorite hot drink. I’ve been trying quite a few lately around town, and found a wide variety of tastes. Some are punch-you-in-the-face bold while others are like a cool towel carefully draped on your face after a close shave. The difference in taste depends, of course, on the beans used but also is affected by the brewing method. I think that the best version I have tasted so far is the Japanese iced pour-over. Continue reading