Coffee Price Apocaplypse

Coffee berries (1)

In the past week or so I’ve come across a number of articles in the news about coffee prices rising. “Pay UP or Perk Up”, and “Gulp! New coffee prices due to big dry will be hard to swallow” are just a couple of the “creative” shocking headlines I’ve run across. The stories remind me of Houston’s recent “Snowcaplypse” news reports. (I can’t believe we survived it!) Continue reading

Chiapas Onix – Boomtown Coffee


Onix Bag

Disaster struck this morning as my girlfriend and I woke up and realized we have used the last beans the night before. Fortunately we were able to leave early enough to stop by Inversion for a morning cup. On my way home from work I stopped by Boomtown Coffee in the Heights to pick up some new ones. They had a few freshly roasted origins to choose from but I had to go with the Chiapas Onix because I love Mexican Origin coffees. Continue reading


French Press at Black HoleI am a coffee bean junkie. As soon as the last drop of my current cup hits my taste buds I am already pondering where my next cup will come from.  At night as I lay down to go to sleep my last thoughts are plans for my next cup in the morning. Without a doubt I am hooked. I even appreciate the bad cups of coffee that I have to endure sometimes because they make me enjoy the good cups of coffee even more.

Since I love coffee so much it is a good thing that I live in Houston. Recently there have been many new coffee shops and cafes opening around town that really understand coffee. They don’t just get some beans and brew them. They craft them. A good cup of coffee is an art and not just a set of instructions followed. Following instructions will get you a good cup, but crafting a cup will get you amazing results. I am very happy that Houston’s “coffee scene” is exploding right now and I am excited to see what the future has for coffee and our city.

This blog is my look into Houston’s coffee shops, crafters, roasters, and drinkers. I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy producing it!